Our Raven Ventures


Flexibility is our strenght

First company of the RavenGroup. Our specialist in the production and development of rubber and plastic parts for the household appliance and automotive industries. Leader in its category in North America.


Solution through polymers

Our polymer specialist for rubber or plastic components. With the acquisition of the company AZ Components and the expansion of our strategic alliances, we also seek to achieve a leader position in the plastic production sector in Mexico.

Joining to innovate

Our Think-Tank of ideas. We Develop systems and components for the household appliance and automotive industry. With its strong focus on innovation and product development, RavenTech has become a leader company in the household appliance industry.


Cooperation for success

Our cooperation model for small and medium-sized companies looking for a smooth successful start-up in Mexico.


Commitment through human ties

Our Human Talent specialist. Attraction, selection, training, development and other HR services for personnel of international SMEs starting businesses in Mexico.


Experts in Law, Accounting and Tax

RavenLAT is our multilingual team of experts in law, accounting and tax services. We help you facing the difficulties you might encounter, when starting your business in Mexico and support you in your ongoing operations.


Fulfilling your ideas overseas

Our sales specialist represents European, Asian and American companies in different areas before entering the Mexican market. From market analysis to all distribution and sales services.


Your business in Mexico

Our experts in Maquila topics. Either in logistics or in production services, RavenC&S provides the certifications and local authorizations for our international clients establishing their business in Monterrey, Querétaro and Puebla.


Regardless of the material

Our specialist in components and technical parts for other industries besides the automotive one. We serve in the construction of machinery and equipment for the mining and energy industry.


Expansion in Asia and America

The company that supports the expansion of our corporate entities within the Asian market. We have a joint venture in Ningbo for the production of automotive components. RavenSystems is also present in North America, thanks to our recent expansion in the Grand Rapids, MI, USA.


Enhancing your surfaces

Manufactures special paints and coatings for construction and automotive industries in North America.


Craft beer and consumer goods

Our specialist in production and sale of craft beer. RavenKraft is our only consumer goods company and offers special products that delight heart and soul.

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